Paul D. Schreiber High School 2023 GAMBOL

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June 23, 2023

Welcome to the Gambol 2023 website.  We are so excited to celebrate our Seniors! This will be our main portal for donations and online shopping, so please check back often. Thank you all in advance for your participation!

  • Since its inception in 1952, the Gambol, has been completely self-funded through parent-run, year-long fundraising efforts. Its goal is to ensure that EVERY graduating senior will have the opportunity to attend the Gambol 2023 and/or their graduation achievements celebrated.

  • Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Gambol '23 today and help us fund the celebration and recognition your child and their peers deserve.

  • SENIOR BOOSTER: Up to $100 

    SCHREIBER SUPPORTER: $100-$299 (Includes a Lawn Sign)

    VIKING PATRON: $300- $499 (Includes a Lawn Sign and a (1) Bleacher Seat)

    GAMBOL BENEFACTOR: $500 & up (Includes a Lawn Sign and (2) Bleachers Seats)